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Random SEO Thoughts for Bloggers and Wannabee Internet People


Bloggerlinks is a stream of conscious really. Generally in blogs for whatever reason I try not to use the first person but Blogger links is just words that you might find helpful but probably won’t be able to decipher. I’m basically writing about my trials in SEO and seeing what sticks.





At we research and try to figure out the best way to build links to your blog.
Google says don’t build links but then when you don’t your sites go nowhere. However if you build dirty links and then google changes the algorithm you stuck with a bunch of bad links.
Perhaps the key to build leaves is patients and research and that is what this site is about.
I will keep this updated with posts about my adventures in seo and what I find works.

I’m also using the Divi Theme but would be interested in seeing what other options there are.